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Titles of Published Papers
Huang, C. H., C. C. Wu and F. S. Tseng (2020) Application of nanopore sequencing technology in gut bacteria analysis of hard clam. 2020 International Symposium on Evolutionary Genomics and Bioinformatics, 5 December, Taipei, Taiwan.
Huang, C. H. and C. C. Wu (2020) Profiling of symbiotic bacteria in hard clam (Meretrix spp.) by next generation sequencing. 2020 Annual Forum for the Fisheries Society of Taiwan, 11-16 May, B-4.
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Evans, K., H. Arrizabalaga, S. Brodie, C. T. Chang, J. Llopiz, J. S. Phillips and K. Weng (2020) Comparative research on ocean top predators by CLIOTOP: understanding shifts in oceanic biodiversity under climate change. Deep Sea Res. Part II, 175: 104822. (https://
Chou, C. Y., Y. H. Chou and T. I. Chen (2020) Effects of microalgae concentration and species on feeding hard clam. J. Fish. Soc. Taiwan, 47(2): 113-119.
Chiu, P. S., Y. T. Chu, Y. D. Chen, C. H. Huang, J. W. Huang, S. W. Ho and S. L. Yeh (2020) Effects of low-temperature stress on plasma biochemical parameters of longtooth grouper Epinephelus bruneus, giant grouper E. lanceolatus and hybrid grouper E. bruneus × E. lanceolatus. 2020 Annual Forum for the Fisheries Society of Taiwan, 11-16 May, A-1.
Chiu, P. S., Y. T. Chu, C. H. Huang, S. W. Ho, J. W. Huang and S. L. Yeh (2020) Effects of stocking density on growth performance, survival and size heterogeneity of juvenile longfin batfish Platax teira. Aquac. Res., 51: 5269-5272.
Chiu, P. S. and S. L. Yeh (2020) Larval and juvenile development of the mangrove goby, Mugilogobius cavifrons (Weber, 1909) reared in captivity. 2020 Annual Forum for the Fisheries Society of Taiwan, 11-16 May, A-20.
Chiang, W. C., S. J. Lin, M. K. Musy, N. J. Su, S. P. Wang, Q. X. Chang, Y. S. Ho and C. T. Tseng (2020) Vertical movements, behavior, and habitat of the juvenile bigeye tuna (Thunnus obesus) in southeastern Taiwan. Annual Meeting of the Ichthyological Society of Taiwan, 26-27 August, p.13.
Chiang, W. C., M. K. Musyl, H. C. Lin, Y. S. Ho, C. L. Sun, G. DiNardo and J. R. Chen (2020) Movement patterns and habitat preferences of five species of billfish in northwestern Pacific Ocean. Report of the Billfish Working Group Workshop, 30 January -3 February, Taipei, Taiwan.