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Zeolited diets’ effect on the growth and survival of Litopenaeus vannamei

  • Date:2004-12-31
  • No:1
  • Page:13-18
  • Author:Ching-Shan Chiu and Min-Nan Lin

To investigate how zeolited pond water effected on the growth and survival of Litopenaeus vannamei, the experiment was processed in the greenhouse with 8 FRP tanks. Each tank was 1 m2 and with 0.75 m water depth. The 3 g young shrimp for experiment were reared in these tanks (each tank 64 pcs), and divided into 4 duplicate groups. The tanks water was controlled in normal temperature and 25 ppt salinity. These groups were fed twice a day, with 0, 1.33, 2.67 and 4 ppm zeolited diets, separately. In the experiment duration, 15 shrimp were random sampled for weighing every 15 days. On the 62th day, it was found at harvest that each group not obviously differed in shrimp body weight. As to the survival rate, all groups were above 96% but the contol. However, the value determination of ammonium-N and nitrite-N showed that zeolite made the water quality better, though it caused water turbid. The turbidity was merely 45 ntu, when 4 ppm zeolite had been added into shrimp diets 64 days in succession. It was harmless for shrimp.