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Lipid levels on the growth rate and survival rate of boodstock Litopenaeus vannamei

  • Date:2006-09-30
  • No:2
  • Page:15-21
  • Author:Bao-Shuenn Tzeng and Min-Nan Lin

It was conducted for this study how the diets of lipid levels effected on white shrimp broodstock’s growth and survival rate. There contained fish powder and squid powder in four treatment diets as their protein sources, and added diverse levels of lipid to them, 0%, 1%, 2%, and 4%, separately. The lipid source was 2 /1, fish oil to corn oil. After 12 weeks’ experiment, the diet with 1% lipid level, total lipid 11.4%, crude protein 52.7%, total energy 502.2Kcal/100g, the ratio of energy 105 mg protein/Kcal, had been proved the most helpful than the other three to female broodstock in the growth, survival rate, feed conversion ratio (FCR), and weight gain. Which broodstock was fed with the 1% was significantly higher than the 3% or 5% treatment in FCR and survival rate (P < 0.05). Meanwhile, the 0% was better than the 3% and the 5% in these respects. The study finds it obvious that diets with excessive lipid make broodstock get lower growth rate, weight gain, and survival rate.