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1910The research vessel, Ryo Kai Maru, was commissioned to conduct investigations into the seas around Taiwan.
1913 The Freshwater Aquaculture Experiment Station was established in Hsiaoli, Hsinchu prefecture, northwestern Taiwan.
1918 The Marine Aquaculture Experiment Station was founded in Tainan, southwestern Taiwan.
1923 The Dried Bonito Processing Factory was set up in Keelung at the northernmost tip of Taiwan.
1929The Freshwater Aquaculture Experiment Station, Marine Aquaculture Experiment Station, and Dried Bonito Processing Factory were merged with incorporation the Ryo Kai Maru to form the Taiwan Fisheries Experiment Station. The Station was placed under the Department of Agriculture and Mine of the Japanese Viceroy office. It had two branches in Keelung and in Tainan.
1933The Keelung Branch was elevated to become the Station's headquarters and included the five sections of Marine Fisheries, Oceanic Investigations, Seafood Processing Technology, Aquaculture, and General Administration.
1940The Kaohsiung Branch in southwestern Taiwan was established to engage in the study of the use of sharkskin for leather production.
1941The Station was upgraded and renamed to the Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute and placed directly under the Japanese Viceroy Office.
1945 The retrocession of Taiwan occurred after World War II. At that time, the Institute was administrated under the Taiwan Provincial Government.
1948 The Institute was transferred to the Taiwan Agriculture and Forestry Company and became one of the divisions under its Fisheries Branch.
1949The Institute was placed under the Department of Agriculture and Forestry of the Taiwan Provincial Government.
1952The Lukang Station was established to develop cold freshwater species aquaculture. It was renamed to Lukang Branch. In addition, the Chupei Station was created to focus on carp and tilapia aquaculture.
1968The Tungkang Marine Laboratory was established with help from the Rockefeller Foundation of the US to develop marine finfish and shrimp aquaculture. The Laboratory was under the guidance of the Tainan Branch.
1971The Penghu Station was established to help and develop local fisheries. The Tungkang Marine Laboratory was promoted to become the Tungkang Branch.
1974 The Taitung Station was created to develop and utilize coastal resources on the southeastern coast.
1984 The Taihsi Station was created to develop shellfish aquaculture around areas reclaimed from the sea on the western coast.
1999 The Institute was placed directly under the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan.
2000 The Institute was reorganized into five divisions and five research centers.
2003The Institute was renamed as Fisheries Research Institute.