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1.Terms and conditions of this disclaimer

The terms and conditions of this disclaimer apply to the entire Fisheries Research Institute, Executive Yuan (hereinafter referred to as FRI) and the websites under the domain of “”.

2. Web security and protection

Uploading of any unauthorized graphics or modification of information and services provided by FRI are illegal and therefore forbidden. For the purpose of website security and to provide continuous and free service and access to all users, this website adopts the following security procedures:
  • (1) A firewall is installed to prevent illegal access, data damage and data theft to safeguard data security.
  • (2) A network monitoring system is installed to monitor network activities, prevent hacking, and prevent unauthorized users from uploading, modifying, or sabotaging the webpages’ data.
  • (3) An antivirus system is installed to scan for known and unknown viruses regularly, to offer users a safe webpage browsing environment.
  • (4) The system is scanned regularly to minimize system loopholes and system hazards.
  • (5) The system is backed up daily to store all data onto the auxiliary mainframe.
  • (6) The system and applications are renewed regularly to update all programs and security patches, which are installed in accordance with suggestions for maintaining maximum security.
  • (7) Fault-tolerant peripherals and UPS are used in the mainframe to maintain system stability. All precautions are taken to ensure maximum system security.

3. Privacy Statements

  • (1) Cookies: Cookies are used in FRI’s related webpages. A “cookie” is a small text file that will be stored in your computer to facilitate the input of a net users’ “personal information.” Most browsers allow you to control cookies, including whether or not to accept cookies or to remove them from your system. You can set most browsers to alert you when receiving cookies or you can choose to block all cookies.
  • (2) Personal Information: Information you have keyed in or established in this website, such as names, contact information, and other related data, is for the reference of FRI only, and such information will not be released or used in commercial activities without the consent of the parties concerned, to safeguard users’ rights.
  • (3) Others: Reminder: When you voluntarily reveal your personal information in “Suggestions and Comments,” “Message Boards,” “Discussion Areas,” and the like, the abovementioned data will be collected or used by third parties, who may be contacting you by e-mails.
  • (4) This “Disclaimer and Privacy Statements” is stipulated in accordance with the security policies and operational procedures of FRI.
  • (5) In order to meet the societal change, business needs, developments in science and technology, and the amendment of related laws and regulations, FRI may amend and announce this disclaimer from time to time. Users are requested to refer to this disclaimer from time to time to safeguard their own rights.