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Service content: Poor water quality in aquaculture ponds can easily lead to loss of appetite, infections, and even a large number of deaths to the organisms. During the breeding period, if fishermen find that the water in the pond is abnormal, then they can take water samples at any time and bring them to the Mariculture Research Center for water quality analysis. The Institute will provide measures to improve water quality and site management.
With or without charge: No charge
Scheduled number of working days: 7 days
Application procedure:

Tel.: Mariculture Research Center 06-7880461
The public is requested to check the items to be analyzed and submit an application to the main window for distribution to each project contractor.

Instructions for filling in the form: Please enter online application.
Rate of charges:  
Notes: Mariculture Research Center
Address: No. 4, Haipu, Sangu Village, Qigu Dist., Tainan City72453
Tel.: 06-788-0461