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Titles of Published Papers
Yu, S. F., J. Z. Huang, C. C. Lai and L. J. Wu (2019) Examining the Xiao Liuqiu offshore fishery resource structure and the distribution of released species. 2019 International Conference on Earth Observations and Societal Impacts, Jun. 23-26, Tainan, Taiwan,
Yen, K. W., T. C. Huang and H. J. Lu (2019) Acoustic characteristic estimates of zooplankton in the Taiwan Strait. The 13th Annual Meeting of Asian Fisheries Acoustics society, Nov. 11-13, National Taiwan Ocean University, Keelung, Taiwan,
Yen, K. W., B. K. Su and S. R. Tseng (2019) Distribution and assemblage structure of zooplankton in the Kuroshio waters off eastern Taiwan. International Conference on Sustainability Science and Management, Brawijaya University, JI. Veteran, Malang, Indonesia,
Yen, K. W. (2019) Environmental monitoring of fishing grounds in the coastal and offshore waters around Taiwan. 2019 SSE, TERN and Taiwan Flux Joint Meeting, Oct. 23-25, Hualien, Taiwan,
Yeh, H. M. (2019) Changing abundance and shifting depth distribution of common ponyfish, Leiognathus equulus, in Fangshan, southwestern Taiwan. International Conference on Sustainability Science and Management Brawijaya University, JI. Veteran, Malang, Indonesia.,
Yeh, H. M. (2019) Country status reports on underutillized fish and marine genetic resources. Regional Workshop on Underutilized Fish and Marine Genetic Resources and their Amelioration, Jul. 10-12, National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency, Colombo, Sri Lanka,
Yang, W. K., I C. Yang, H. J. Chuang, T. L. Chao, Y. C. Hu, W. Y. Wu, Y. C. Wang, C. H. Tang and T. H. Lee (2019) Positive correlation of gene expression between branchial FXYD proteins and Na+/K+-ATPase of euryhaline milkfish in response to hypoosmotic challenges. Comp. Biochem. Physiol., Part A, 231: 177-187.
Wu, J. H., Y. M. Ju and S. T. Hsiao (2019) The complete mitochondrial genome of Saccostrea kegaki (Pterioida, Ostreidae). Mitochondrial DNA Part B, 4(1): 642-643.
Wen, C. K. C., K. S. Chen, W. C. Tung, A. Chao, C. W. Wang, S. L. Liu and M. J. Ho (2019) The influence of tourism-based provisioning on fish behavior and benthic composition. Ambio, 48: 779-789.
Wang, Y. C., S. T. Wu, C. T. Chuang and C. Y. Lin (2019) The initial verification of the intelligent feeding control system in facility. APFITA 2019 Information, Oct. 29 - Nov. 1, Taichung, Taiwan,