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Titles of Published Papers
Lin, H. T., M. Y. Huang, T. Y. Kao, W. J. Lu, H. J. Lin and C. L. Pan (2020) Production of lactic acid from seaweed hydrolysates via lactic acid bacteria fermentation. Fermentation, 6: 37-48.
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Lin, F. A., C. H. Chen and J. H. Lin (2020) Multimodal deep neural network classifier for market fish recognition. 3rd IEEE International Conference on Knowledge Innovation and Invention 2020, 21-23 August, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
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Lee, M. A., J. S. Weng, K. W. Lan, A. H. Vayghan, Y. C. Wang and J. W. Chan (2020) Empirical habitat suitability model for immature albacore tuna in the North Pacific Ocean obtained using multisatellite remote sensing data. Int. J. Remote Sens., 41(15): 5819-5837.
Lau, E. L., S. Harpaz and S. D. Yang (2020) Carotenoid nature X as an effective coloring enhancer for sarasa comet goldfish. 2020 Annual Forum for the Fisheries Society of Taiwan, 11-16 May, F-18.
Lan, K. W., L. J. Lian, C. H. Li, P. Y. Hsiao and S. Y. Cheng (2020) Validation of a primary production algorithm of vertically generalized production model derived from multi-satellite data around the waters of Taiwan. Remote Sens., 12(10): 1627. ( rs12101627).
Kuo, I P., P. T. Lee and F. H. Nan (2020) Rheum officinale extract promotes the innate immunity of orange-spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides) and exerts strong bactericidal activity against six aquatic pathogens. Fish Shellfish Immunol., 102: 117-124.
Huang, Y. S., X. H. Wu, P. S. Huang and G. R. Chen (2020) Correlation between the ovarian status and the androgen sensibility in the cultured Japanese eel, Anguilla japonica. Fish Physiol. Biochem., 46: 1063-1074.
Huang, K. C., C. H. Lu, H. Lee, M. Y. Lee and W. J. Chen (2020) Biodiversity and distribution patterns of seamount fishes. Annual Meeting of the Ichthyological Society of Taiwan, 26-27 August, p.50.