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Service content: The feed organisms (including microalgae) are the key to the success of artificial reproduction of fish and shrimp. Tungkang Biotechnology Research Center has collected and stored a variety of feed biological species. In order to serve the people, we provide the seeds needed to start cultivation to promote the development of the aquaculture industry.
Scheduled number of working days: With charge
Scheduled number of working days: 7 days
Application procedure:

1. Confirm the category and quantity of species
Call Feed Biological Room of Tungkang Biotechnology Research Center Tel.: 08-832412 1 ext. 280

2. Fill out the purchase form
(1) Online application: Please enter the online application form to apply.
(2) Fax for application form: please call 08-8324121 ext. 213, ask to obtain the “Application Form for Purchasing Feed Species”, and inform your fax number to return the information.
(3) Request by mail: Please send us a letter stating request for “Application Form for Purchasing Feed Species” and send it with a return envelope (to No. 67, Fengyu St., Fengyu Village, Donggang Township, Pingtung County 92845) for the attention of Feed Biological Room of Tungkang Biotechnology Research Center. (Please specify on the outside of the envelope “request the application form for purchasing feed species.”)

3. Payment and pickup methods:
(1) Pick up in person
1. First contact via phone to confirm the original species, then go to the Accounting Room of Tungkang Biotechnology Research Center to fill in the application form on-site and pay for it, and then go to the Feed Biological Room to obtain the goods.
2. Tel.: 08-8324121 ext. 280.
3. Handling time: Monday to Friday 8:30~11:30a.m., 1:30~4:30p.m.; overtime will not be accepted.
(2) Mailing
1. To expedite the processing time, please fax the remittance slip (copy of the remittance notice, or check, or postal money order) to: 08-8320234.
2. Tungkang Biotechnology Research Center will send the species as a “home delivery service” as soon as possible (processing time 1-2 weeks) after the fee payment is confirmed. The postage will be collected from you directly by the shipping company.

Instructions for filling in the form: 1. Fill in the applicant’s basic data.
2. Check the required seed species (such as downloading the attachment). (If you do not know the type of seed species required, please contact the research staff of the Feed Biological Room first.)
Rate of charges: Please refer to the attached application procedures and algae category files.
Notes: Right-click the RTF file, save it as a target download, and change the file name to XX.doc to open it.