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The Fisheries Research Institute Held Keel Laying Ceremony for Two New 100-ton Fishing research Vessels—Taiwan’s Sustainable Development of Fishing Research Reaches a New Milestone

  • PostDate:2022-10-12

The Fisheries Research Institute held a ceremony for the keel placement of two new 100-ton fishery test vessels at the PT United Sindo Perkasa Shipyard at 10:00 a.m. on June 30, symbolizing a new milestone in Taiwan’s sustainable fisheries research infrastructure. Director June-Ru Chen and his colleagues attended the ceremony via video conference.

The Fisheries Research Institute indicated that three new research vessels will be built under the “Medium and Long-Term Plan to Build a Sustainable Fisheries Resource and Upgrade the Research Base for Climate Change” project approved by Executive Yuan. The vessels include one 1,500-ton and two 100-ton vessels. The two 100-ton research  vessels will be built by PT United Sindo Perkasa Shipyard in Batam, Indonesia, a subsidiary of Vallianz Holdings, Singapore. Construction began on April 7 of this year, the keel placement ceremony was held today, and delivery of the vessel is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

The Fisheries Research Institute further stated that two new 100-ton fishery research  vessels will be deployed at the Penghu Marine Biology Research Center to replace the 32-year-old vessel Haian, and one new research vessel will be based at the Eastern Marine Biology Research Center.

The main task of the experimental vessel of the Penghu Marine Biology Research Center will be to carry out fishing experiments in the Penghu sea area and to investigate the fishery environment and fishery resources. In addition to carrying various new scientific instruments, the range of the new research  vessel has been increased from 700 nautical miles to 900 nautical miles, so as to strengthen the capability of conducting fishery scientific research. The mission of the experimental vessel of the Eastern Marine Biology Research Center is to investigate the migratory fishery resources in eastern waters, characterize fish movements and seasonal migratory habits, and provide important parameters for the construction of resource assessment models. In the past, research was conducted by renting fishing boats. The use of the new research vessels can improve the research on migratory fishery resources in Taiwan’s surrounding waters. The navigation equipment and scientific research instruments of the new research vessels will not only improve the safety of offshore operations but also increase the capacity of fishery investigation, thus contributing to the sustainable research of Taiwan's fishery.







Photo 1. Keel placement ceremony for 2 new 100-ton fishing research vessels





Photo 2. Group photo in front of the new research vessel construction section