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Fisheries Research Institute of the Council of Agriculture Held a Keel Laying Ceremony for a New 1,500-Ton Fishery Research Ship

  • PostDate:2023-03-28

On the morning of the 25th, the Fisheries Research Institute of the Council of Agriculture held a keel laying ceremony for a new 1,500-Ton fishery research ship (hereinafter referred to as the research ship) at the PT United Sindo Perkasa Dockyard. Director Chun-Ru Chen attended the ceremony with relevant staff via video conference. After the commencement ceremony for the building of this research ship on August 31, 2022, the keel laying ceremony was held as scheduled, symbolizing that the experimental infrastructure of sustainable marine fishery in Taiwan is reaching another peak.

The "Medium- and Long-Term Plan for Building Sustainable Fisheries Resources and the Development and Research Basic Energy in Response to Climate Change" was amended and approved by the Executive Yuan on March 14, 2022. The Fisheries Research Institute said that this plan granted three new research ships (one of 1,500 tons and two of 100 tons), which were commissioned to be built by the PT United Sindo Perkasa Dockyard in Batam, Indonesia under Vallianz Holdings Limited in Singapore. After the keel laying of the two 100-ton research ships on June 30, 2022, the keel laying ceremony for the third research ship, which will be the vessel with the most complete capacity of the Institute, was held today, and the ship is expected to be delivered in April 2024.

In the future, the 1,500-ton research ship will be deployed to the Marine Fisheries Team of the Fisheries Research Institute located on Keelung’s Peace Island to replace and eliminate Fishery Researcher 1 (29 years old). The new research ship will be used to continue the exploration mission of Fisher Researcher 1, which has the focus of investigating environmental changes in offshore fishing grounds caused by climate changes and human activities in recent years. Moreover, the Institute will deploy the research ship to cooperate with domestic and foreign marine research institutions to conduct research on the impact of the construction of renewable energy offshore wind farms on fishing grounds. New navigational equipment not only improves the safety of offshore operations but also increases the capacity of fishery investigations, which will help create a new chapter in promoting sustainable fisheries and developing basic research in response to climate change in Taiwan.

Keel Laying Ceremony for a New 1,500-Ton Fishery Research Ship

Photo with the While-building New 1,500-Ton Research Ship