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The main work items of Fishery Inspection Center are: sampling of commercially available fish feed (general composition and NIR adulteration inspection), aquatic products and aquaculture environment water quality, monitoring of bacteria (number of bacteria, coliforms, E. coli, salmonella, enteritis, and Staphylococcus aureus), and entrusted inspection of residual drugs (borax, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, fluorescent agent) (with charge)

With or without charge: With charge
Scheduled number of working days:

7 days

Application procedure:

Aquatic product inspection

  • To apply for commissioned inspection, the applicant should fill in the basic data card and application form and take them together with sufficient samples to contact the aquatic product processing group of Fisheries Research Institute.
  • The remote applicant can send the sample to be commissioned for inspection together with the information card and application form to Fishery Inspection Center, indicating the items to be commissioned for inspection.
  • The acceptance of samples submitted for inspection may be suspended if they are limited to equipment or cannot be completed in a short period of time.
  • The sampling should be representative, and fresh products should be quickly sent to the inspection room or properly frozen to keep the temperature low.
  • For the commissioned inspection samples, the inspection fee should be paid first (in the case of commissioned inspections by government agencies, after the approval of the Institute, the inspection will be provided before the payment is made), the payment method can mailed by draft, or through remittance by wire transfer to Department of the Treasury, Central Bank of the Republic of China, account name “Fisheries Research Institute, COA”, account number 24510602128008. Please post or fax a copy of the payment slip after remittance.
Instructions for filling in the form: Please refer to “attachment download”
Rate of charges: Please refer to “attachment download”.
  • When more than 5 samples are sent at a time, the overall inspection cost shall be reduced. Beginning from the 6th case, the rate of charge is multiplied by 0.8.
  • For express processing, the delivery time is separately agreed upon according to the nature of the individual case, and the fee is calculated by multiplying the rate of charge by 1.5.
  • The inspection fee for other unlisted inspection items is subject to negotiation on the basis of ease of inspection and analysis, the quantity of drugs, and equipment used.
  • The inspection methods of this Center are subject to those listed in the National Standards of the Republic of China (CNS); if there is no national standard, then the inspection method in AOAC or the agreement between the two parties shall be adopted.
  • The inspection report is for reference only, is only responsible for the samples submitted for inspection, and shall not be used as evidence in lawsuits or advertising of publications for commercial promotion. Relevant inspectors of this Institute are not obliged to attend various briefing sessions or provide public evidence.