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The Effect of Temperature on Growth of Juvenile Silver Perch Bidyanus bidyanus311995-06-01
The Occurrence of PSP Containing Dinoflagellate in West Taiwan Aquaculture Area and the Pond Water Conditions 311995-06-01
Effects of Mercury on the Growth, Hepato-somatic Index, Water Content in Muscle and Osmotic and Protein Concentrations in the Hemolymph of Penaeus penicillatus311995-06-01
Improving the Quality of Traditional Smoked Shark Products311995-06-01
Feasibility Studies on the Rapid Proximate Composition Analysis of Fish Feed by Near Infrared Spectroscopy311995-06-01
Studies on the Spine Hardness and Its Softening of Stunt Tilapia311995-06-01
Demersal Fish Assemblages by Bottom Trawler off Western Tung-Sha Tao: A Case Study321995-06-01
Movement and Recapture of Black Porgy (Acanthopagrus schlegeli) Released in Northern Waters off Taiwan221994-12-01
Estimation of Original Population Size and Rate of Fishing of Engraulid larvae Using the DeLury's Method221994-12-01
A Study on Microflora Found in Grass Prawn Culture Tanks at Different Salinities in a Circulating System221994-12-01
The Anesthetic Effect of 2-Phenoxyethanol in Goldlined Sea Bream (Sparus sarba)221994-12-01
A Primary Study on Growth and Feed Efficiency Ratio of Long-finned Grouper (Epinephelus quoyanus)221994-12-01
The Changes of Hematological Parameters During Sustained Anesthesia with 2-Phenoxyethanol in Yellowfin Porgy (Acanthopagrus latus)221994-12-01
Effects of Various Binders and Ingredients on the Quality of Restructured Milkfish Fillet221994-12-01
Effect of Lipid in Diet on the Growth Rate and Fatty Acid Composition of Body Oil of Black Porgy, Acanthopagrus schlegeli221994-12-01
Release and Recovery of Japanese Eel, Anguilla Japonica, in Taiwan211994-06-01
Simple Discussions on Relationships between the Vessel Tonnage, the Kind of Bait Used and the Atlantic Albacore CPUE211994-06-01
Selection of Super Small-sized Strain of the Rotifer (Brachionus plicatilis) and Its Rearing Conditions211994-06-01
Study on the Effects of Trichlorphone and BKC on Eel Ponds and the Influence of Enzyme to Water Quality211994-06-01
Lethal Effect of Heavy Metal on the Larvae of Penaeus chinensis211994-06-01