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Kaohsiung Branch has been established since 1950. Before 1976, its main work was to process catches of marine fisheries in Taiwan and to carry out the biological investigation on coastal and offshore fisheries and the Branch was located at 7, Shaou-Chawn Street, Gu-San District Kaohsiung and in that year it was moved to the present office (1-1, North 1 st Road, Chien chen fishing Port, Kaohsiung).

In order to follow the policy of developing the deep-sea fishing of Kaosiung, the researching task has been and management analysis of deep-sea fishing since 1984. The experimental processing research has also been restored to help the development of fishing processing industries in the southern Taiwan since 1988.

Matched with the government organization to give a new life in 1999, this reorganized to belong to "Council of Agriculture", go to 2002 to divide into Kaohsiung change the system for"Coastal and Offshore Resource Research Center", wished to strengthen for follow inshore fisherman and the service of the fishery.


  • Creating New Coastal and Offshore Fishing Grounds in the Waters off Taiwan.
  • Studies on the Management of Trawler Fisheries Resource in the Waters off Southwestern Taiwan .
  • Biology and Resource Management of Sergestid Shrimp ( Sergia lucens ) in the Coastal Waters off Southwestern Taiwan.
  • The aquatic products processing and studying.


  • Continue to create new fishing grounds for inshore fisheries, and to estimate the aggregating effect of FADs deployed in different depth of waters
  • Continued to monitor the sakura shrimp fishery resource in the southwest waters of Taiwan.
  • Continued to monitor the trawl fishery resource in the southwest waters of Taiwan, and establishment the mode of fisheries resource management.
  • Carry on the large fishing of sea fishery and obtain things such as squid , sanma, tuna s, jack mackerel etc. processing use, it is in order to improving for fishing to obtain thing for economic worth.