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  • September 1968established as the Tungkang Shrimp Culture Center under the Tainan Branch of the Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute (TFRI).
  • July 1970reorganized as the Tungkang Marine Larval Production Center directly under TFRI.
  • January 1971renamed as the Tungkang Marine Laboratory under TFRI.
  • July 1998renamed as the Tungkang Marine Laboratory under TFRI.
  • May 2002integrated to the Fisheries Research Institute (FRI) as Biotechnology Division, Fisheries Research Institute.
  • September 2006Renamed as Tungkang Biotechnology Research Center, Fisheries Research Institute.


  • Development of techniques of selective breeding, propagation and culture of aquatic organisms.
  • Research on environmental control and design of breeding and culture system for aquatic organisms.
  • Research on live and artificial feeds for aquatic organisms.
  • Studies on aquatic disease prevention, control and chemical surveillance.
  • Studies on collection, conservation and utilization of aquatic genetic resources.
  • Information exchange and extension of aquaculture and biotechnology techniques of aquatic organisms.


Breeding, culture techniques and systems of important aquatic species are well established in long-term research and development by the researchers in this center. Introduction and application of modem biotechnology to aquatic research will be strengthened to make more progress and prosperous in aquaculture biotechnology.